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Our focus is to achieve a quality service that will please all of our customers. Serving the Winston-Salem & Kernersville areas since 1997.

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Welcome to Bryan's Lawn Care

We will always give you our professional opinion as to what your lawn needs in order to achieve the look you desire. Together, we can make your lawn look great.

Fertilizer treatment for beautiful green grass in early spring

Soil Conditioning

Soil Testing: soil conditioning services

The first thing we do is to take a soil test to determine how much nutrients your lawn actually requires.



Pine Needles / Weed Block

Pine Needles and Mulch Sevices

Beautifully transform your yard from looking dull to a showcase with our Carolina pine needles.




Fertilizing grass

Have the greenest looking yard in the community by getting on our fertilizer plan today!




Professional Mowing Services

Our team will provide you with a clean and trim professional cut every time.



Recommended Services for this time of year

It's time to spruce up your yard and get it ready for the rest of the year. If you still have leaves from last year, have the old pine needles, and haven't fertilized, it is time to start to get it cleaned up and prepared to make it look the best that it can this season.