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Lawn Mowing

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Fertilizer helps grass and other plants grow by supplementing nutrients when your lawn has a deficiency. We will recommend the right type for your yard after we've analyzed your soil. Have the greenest looking yard in the community by getting on our fertilizer plan today!

Aeration / Plugging

Aeration or plugging to improve soilLawn aerating is generally done with a lawn aerator. Lawn aerators are run over the surface of the grass, like a lawn mower, but instead of cutting the grass they remove small cylinders of dirt and grass from the lawn and shoot the cylinders up on top of the lawn. The cylinders that are removed by the lawn aerator are generally referred to as "cores" or "soil plugs." The removed cores can be left on the grass surface of the lawn and will act as a fertilizer as they decompose.

The benefits of aerating your lawn are numerous. Aeration will help eliminate thatch. It will also help combat the effects of soil compaction and improve soil quality in poor-soil lawns. Aerating your lawn will also help your grass to establish a good, strong root system. Properly rooted lawns will be healthier, stay green with less watering, and survive harsh winters better than lawns with a poor root system. Also, lawn aeration tends to lessen the effects of water runoff during watering, which means you'll save money on water.